Second day of the conference: working group discussion

On May 23, the three-day international conference entitled “30 current issues of public administration” continued at the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia. On the second day of the conference, panel discussions were organized in five scientific areas developing in the Academy: public administration, economics and business, psychology, law and political science.

Discussions in working groups were conducted in a hybrid way.

Scientific discussion took place in all working groups. In the “Public Administration” group, specialists in the field discussed personnel policy, reforms of the community service sector and the local self-government system. The report on environmental protection received a particularly strong response.

The “Economics and Business” working group presented topics related to the development of the tourism sector, digitalization of management. A constructive discussion was held around the problems of applying artificial intelligence in various fields.

The results of in-depth research on various psychological issues in the field of administration were presented by the “Psychology of management” working group in topics related to soft skills of the person, personal maturity, personnel policy of the state, corporate culture, mediation, creativity and other important issues.

Metamodern justice, modern means of prevention of corruption, some issues of labor law and anti-corruption legislation, modern issues of public service were discussed in the “Law” working group.

The “Political Science” working group presented reports on the transformation of state power, public policy issues, issues of Armenian national identity, difficulties and opportunities of neutralizing hybrid threats and other current topics.

After the group discussions, a separate session of the mentoring program initiated by the Student Scientific Society was also held. The main speakers were the Masters’ students of the Academy.

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