PAARA is a member of the consortium of the PROMOEU (Promotion of the European Studies in Armenia) Project implemented within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Jean Monnet activity.

The duration of the project is 2 years (October2020-October 2022).

The Project partners are:

  1. University of Maribor, Slovenia (Coordinator);
  2. Public Administration Academy of RA;
  3. Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan;
  4. Vanadzor State University after H. Tumanyan;
  5. Gladzor University;
  6. “Elegia” Educational and Cultural Non-Governmental O

On December 23, 2020, the online kick-off meeting of the PROMOEU Project was held, during which the work schedule and action plan, as well as issues related to the creation of the Project’s official website and logo,  were considered.

During the Project, it is planned to organize an informational meeting in Armenia, a study visit to the University of Maribor, Slovenia, to examine the European practices to further develop relevant courses at the Armenian universities.

Within the Project, a summer school with the participation of the teachers and students from the Armenian partner universities, virtual pilot courses for the students of partner universities, as well as a conference to recap the outcomes and achievements of the Project will be organized.


Visiting the University of Maribor within the Framework of the PROMՕEU Project



On 24-28 October, 2022 in the frames of the PROMOEU “Promotion of the European Studies in Armenia” project within the frames of Jean Monnet activities of the EU Erasmus+ Programme funding by EU, took place a working visit of representatives of Armenian universities to the University of Maribor (European partner university of PROMՕEU).

The university was founded in 1975, has 17 faculties and more than 18 thousand students.

Khachatur Ghazeyan, Rector of PAARA, Tereza Khechoyan

Director of the Centre for International Cooperation and Development and Vilen Khachatryan, Head of the Chair of Administration took part in the working visit.

Zdravko Kačič, the Rector of the University of Maribor, welcomed the representatives of Armenian Universities.

The participants were informed about the activities of the University, scientific and educational programs, international relations and cooperation, implemented and ongoing international programs and achievements.

Tereza Khechoyan presented the opportunities and successes of PAARA in the field of international cooperation and suggested possible areas of cooperation with the University of Maribor. Vilen Khachatryan presented a comparative analysis of the economic performance of Armenia and a number of European countries.

Representatives of the Academy answered the questions of the Dean, Academic staff of the Economics and Business Faculty and the director of the library of the University of Maribor, then they visited the library of the university and got acquainted with its work and possibilities.  Prof. Devetak, Program Manager, discussed possible ways of further cooperation with the representatives of the University of Maribor and members of the Armenian Universities.

The further actions of the project were also discussed: online lectures by the lectures of the University of Maribor, electronic publication of student essays, details of the organization of the upcoming summer student school in Yerevan in 2023, as well as details of the final forum of the project for members of partner universities in Armenia.