Pretentious Expectations from the Erasmus+ + SMARTI Project

The first pilot training of Erasmus + SMARTI Project was over in the Public Administration Academy of RA. Training participants received interesting information about the modules developed by Academy teachers within the frame of SMARTI – “Support for Innovative Methodology, Approaches and Tools for Teaching through the Medium of English in Order to Improve Educational Yield, Sustainability and InternationalizationProject. The expectations from the project are very ambitious. In particular, the Academy can introduce an educational program taught in English, which will greatly contribute to the internationalization of the Academy, mobility of academic staff and students.

At the last lesson, Lusine Grigoryan, English teacher of PAARA, presented analytical thinking as for discussion.

She touched upon the advantages of analytical thinking, tactics and tools contributing to its formation.

The Director for International Cooperation and Development of the Academy, Tereza Khechoyan presented instructor to instructor survey questionnaire which must completed after the lesson is completed. The large number of questions give an opportunity to observe the course of the lesson in a comprehensive way and evaluate it impartially.

By the way, Mrs. Khechoyan did not forget to stimulate the already contributing to attention of the audience with the known from the previous lesson “ice-breakers„.

Rector of PAARA, Khachatur Ghazeyan, awarded certificates to the participants at the end of the pilot training.

Trainers Tereza Khechoyan and Lusine Grigoryan have been awarded Certificates of Appreciaion for organizing property the first pilot training of the Erasmus+ SMARTI project, as well as for their conscientious and responsible work.


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