Public Administration Academy Logo 

Regulation for the use of the symbol, flag, commemorative medal and sign of the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia approved according to the decision of the Academic Council of the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia dated April 28, 2012.

The key point of the RA Public Administration Academy’s logo is that the administration system is a hierarchical, from bottom to top transition, i.e., a transition from local self-governance to public administration.The logo has been created in the form of book, which symbolizes the Armenian traditional script with its spiritual and cultural value.Inside the logo the initiatives of the word combination “Republic of Armenia” are written in bold, which parallel the figures of the Armenian mounts.On the right side of the logo the Ionic pillar typical of the Hellenistic tradition of the Armenian architecture is depicted which stands for the prevalence of statehood.In the left bottom corner of the logo stands the eight-wing star characteristic to the Tigranes period of Old Armenia which represents the light of education embodied by the symbol of furnace.At the bottom of the logo the word “State” is written horizontally, and on the left side of the Ionic pillar the word combination “Administration Academy” is written vertically.The prevailing colour of the logo is the lapis lazuli widely spread in the Armenian script, which mirrors the will of the Armenians to live under the peaceful sky.The author of the logo of the Public Administration Academy of RA is the architect Michael Misakyan.