Scientific Council

The Academic Board of  Public Administration Academy of RA (hereinafter Academic Board) is a representative body chaired by the President. In accordance with the adopted procedures, the Academic Board discusses and offers solutions to educational, scientific research activities, material-technical base development, planning, management and organizational issues of Public Administration Academy of RA (hereinafter Academy). It adopts relevant decisions and controls their implementation process within the limits of its authority.

   The decisions adopted by the Academic Board are subject to mandatory execution by all structural units, officials, employees as well as students.

   The Academic Board carries out its activities through sessions with at least one session per month.


Khachatur Ghazeyan
 Rector of the Public Administration Academy of RA, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, President of the Scientific Council
Sona Poghosyan
Head of the Centеr of Quality Assurance,  Scientific secretary of the Academy, PhD Psychology,  Associate Professor
Sedrak Simonyan
Adviser of the Department of Social Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister, Coordinator of Separate Function in Structural Divisions
Edgar Aleksanyan
Vice-Rector of the Academy for Education
Gayane Harutyunyan
Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs , PhD in Economics,  Associate Professor
Khachatur Bezirjyan
Advisor to Rector, PhD Biology
Tereza Khechoyan
Head of the Centre for International Cooperation and Development
Gayane Hovhannisyan

Head of  Department of Supplementary Education

Gor Chatinyan
Head of Department of Educational Process Organization, PhD in Economics,  Associate Professor
Goriun Adamyan
Head of the department of  Economic Activity and Infrastructure Maintenance, PhD in Economics,   Associate Professor
 Vilen Khachatryan
Head of the Chair of Administration at the Academy, PhD in Economics,  Associate Professor
Mariam Margaryan
Lecturer of the Chair of  Psychology  and Politology at the Academy, Doctor of Political Science, Professor
Laura Petrosyan
Head of the Chair of Psychology and Politology, PHD in Psychology,  Associate Professor
Armenak Ayvazyan
Chief Specialist of Division of Scientific Activity, PhD in Technical Sciences,  Associate Professor
Anahit Hovhannisyan
Head of Human Recourses Management and General Department
Melanya Harutyunyan,
Student’s Council Chairwoman
 Student in Chair of Administration
Arpine Arakelyan
Full-Time PhD student, Chair of Law
Milena Mkrtchyan
Student in Chair of Administration
Tigran Kochibroyan
 Student in Chair of Administration
Tigran Simonyan
Student in Chair of Administration
Dianna Grigoryan
Student, Chair of Law
Marine Mkhitaryan
Student’s Scientific Society Chairwoman