Rector’s welcome

Khachatur Ghazeyan

Rector of the Public Administration Academy of RA

PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Date and Place of Birth
14 August 1985, Yerevan



Welcome to the website of the Public Administration Academy of RA. A common desire of making a personal contribution to  building and developing our country’s statehood unites everyone involved in the Public Administration Academy of RA. Each of us believes that we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to represent public interests.

Our mission is to train educated public leaders and generate ideas that will offer solutions to the most complex public issues. A wonderful staff of experts has joined us in the accomplishment of that mission.

The ideas developed by the faculty and students of the  Public Administration Academy of RA on various issues such as leadership, decision-making skills, public discussions, social reforms, as well as state and national security, are of great importance and shape public management skills.

Thus, we do hope that you will find useful information and new ideas in our newly-established webpage. Here you can become familiar with our educational programs, the professional staff, as well as with the analytical and research centres. You will have the opportunity to make a virtual tour within the Academy.

And if you are a prospective student, you can join the upcoming generation of innovative public leaders. All of us are eager to be confident that public authorities and the problems we face are so important that we should strive for the highest standards of integrity and analysis. If you are looking for new ideas, our webpage is your way to our faculties and staff who are ready to pave your way to professional achievements. There are constantly organized meetings and lectures with prominent public figures who often make reports at the Academy.

You can witness the impact of your ideas on our system. And if you have ones to make our services more targeted or in relation to new educational and training opportunities, hopefully you will find all the necessary means herein to realize your ideas, moreover you can cooperate with us to achieve more.