About us


We are glad to welcome you in the Centre for International Cooperation and Development.

We coordinate the international activities of the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia. Our efforts are aimed at building and strengthening the international relations of the Academy on the basis of various international programmes and events.

                Our principal functions are:

  • Shaping international relations of strategic significance and signing relevant cooperation agreements on the basis of the Strategic Plan of the Academy;
  • Undertaking and developing cooperation relations between the Academy and foreign universities, think-tanks, centres of commerce and industry, and other institutions;
  • Shaping and developing cooperation links between the Academy and various educational institutions, think-tanks, corporations, as well as different agencies of the public administration system of the Republic of Armenia;
  • Hosting foreign delegations and individuals from different sides of the world, as well as organizing visits of delegations and individuals presenting the Academy to foreign countries;
  • Providing information and consultation on various international programmes and professional career opportunities to the subdivisions of the Academy;
  • Facilitating the mobility of the Academy students and teachers.