About Library


The Scientific and Technical Library of the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia was founded in 1996 from 109 books that were transferred to the library within the framework of the TACIS 2 program (Technical Assistance to CIS Countries).

The library’s book stock now amounts to 17,259 items. The library’s collection includes textbooks in Armenian and foreign languages, teaching aids, conference materials, dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines, dissertations, and brochures. The library’s collection is regularly replenished with modern professional literature. Funding is carried out through book exchange, purchases, subscriptions, donations, as well as textbooks and teaching aids published by the Academy.

The library has a corner of the United Nations (UN). Aware of the role and importance   of modern libraries, the library’s mission is to promote the educational process by providing access to information and modern services.

Working hours

The library is working.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday hours’ 9 00-18 00

Days։ Tuesday, Thursday hours’ 9:00 – 19:00

Break։ 13: 00- 14: 00


Gayane Nikoghosyan – chief librarian

Email: library@paara.am, gayane.nikoghosyan@paara.am

Barseghyan Karine – librarian

Email:   karine.barseghyan@paara.am



Library services can be used by representatives of the administrative, academic, scientific and public support staff of the Academy, students, post-graduate students and applicants.

Representatives of other educational institutions can only use the reading room.

To register at the library you must present an identification document. User status is checked using the appropriate commands Before registering, users must familiarize themselves with the procedure for using the Scientific and Technical Library in the Library or in the “Documents” section on the Academy website paara.am. Without a registration card, library services will not be provided.

The user of library services has the right:

  • use the library collection for free,
  • extend the deadline for accepting library documents in the prescribed manner,
  • use library computers and free Internet.

The user of library services is obliged to:

  • follow the rules for using the library,
  • treat library property with care,
  • comply with the rules for using library documents;
  • return documents taken from the library at the end of each semester, in case of a break in studies, release, or dismissal; in case of termination of the employment contract,
  • comply with the rules for using technical means.

In case of damage to the library collection and/or other property, the user of the library service is obliged to compensate for the damage. If a book is lost, it is obliged to replace it with the same book or another equivalent book required by the library, or compensate it in the amount of their market value.

In case of violation of the rules for using library collections, the user of library services bears responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Library documents are issued only with a registration card. Rare or single copies of literature, encyclopedias, candidate’s, doctoral and master’s theses are available only in the reading room.

The following deadlines and volumes of library documents have been determined.

  • Any reader registered in the Academy library can borrow up to seven books,
  • the period for using books and other printed materials is determined by the librarian based on the need for a book, not exceeding a ten-day period,
  • the period of borrowed literature may be extended or rejected taking into account the demand for the book,
  • educational and methodological aids, textbooks, the number of which is large in the library, are issued for one semester,
  • in special cases, when the Library has only one copy of a given book, it is provided for a period of one week without the possibility of extension,
  • if the book is not returned within the specified period, the reader is notified of the return of the book by any possible means of notification,
  • in case of violation of the conditions for returning library documents, the user is warned; in case of repetition, the user is deprived of the right to use the library.