Samvel Aghumyan

Head of the Department of Material and Technical Supply


  The Department of Material and Technical Supply is a structural sub-division of the Academy. It coordinates activities of material and technical supply of the Academy and its structural sub-divisions.

Objectives and problems of the Department of Material and Technical Supply are:

  • To purchase and stock stationary and stuff for the Academy, and to receive stock and material values on receipt of the Academy;
  • Secures the activities of contract drafting and signing which aim at acquisition of public and everyday utilities which are stipulated by expenditures of preservation of the Academy;
  • Controls the exploitation of all subsidiary buildings of the Academy and carries out their regular repairs;
  • Coordinates inventory of goods of the Academy;
  • Conducts the accountancy of daily expenditure of electricity, water and communication consumed by the structural subdivisions and students of the Academy;
  • Coordinates the safe and permanent exploitation of boiler-houses;
  • To participate in drafting of the nominal list of procurement of required goods, activities and services for the needs of the Academy.