Albert Galstyan

 Head of the Department of Information Systems Service and Development

The Department of Information Service and Development at Public Administration Academy of RA (hereinafter Academy) is a structural subdivision of the Academy. It fulfils activities defined in the Charter of the Academy, which aim at providing information to the activities of the Academy.

Objectives and problems of the department

  • To study latest IT enhancements, and to invest and apply them in the education;
  • To work out, apply and operatively administer the platform of distant and e-learning;
  • To provide the information presence of the Academy through official site and social net;
  • To defend the local net of the Academy and its regular work;
  • To exchange and maintain the scientific-technical information required for the activities of the Academy and its professional sub-divisions;
  • To provide information assistance to education process;
  • To invest automization systems in the management of education process, and to work out softs;
  • To secure the manageability and maintenance of information leakage within the local net of the Academy, as well as the protection of information, its accessibility and availability;
  • To regulate the exploitation of servers, computers and attached equipment;
  • To assist to the studies and data that are carried out by certain sub-divisions of the Academy.