Agapi Manukyan

Head of the Department of Finance and Accounting

Chief Accountant


Objectives and problems of the department

  • To conduct accountancy of the Academy;
  • To support in the activities of ownership of the Academy; to control over the economic usage of material values, as well as labor and financial resources of the Academy;
  • To organize the accounting policy in accordance with the Legislation of Accountancy of RA taking into consideration the peculiarities and structure of the Academy, and the peculiarities of its financial stability;
  • To guarantee the accumulation of main stuff, material values and financial means; to reflect their activities in the accountancy in time of; to summarize the results of financial and economic activities of the Academy accurately and in time;
  • To secure legal and accurate formulation of accountancy documents; to draft well-founded accounting of the activities (services);
  • To offer the administration of the Academy to make economic analysis of the financial and economic activities of the Academy on the basis of accounting and accountancy report;
  • To take measures aiming at accumulation of financial means to secure financial stability of the Academy;
  • To organize work aiming at the regular staff, financial and cashbox discipline, administrative-economic and other estimates of expenditures, deficit in accounts, and to strictly follow the law of withdrawal of debts of debtors and other damages, to take measures to keep accounting documents and later to send them to the archive;
  • To secure the investment of progressive means and methods of accountancy;
  • To draft reports of incomes and expenditures, usage of budget, and fiscal, statistic and other accountancy reports, and to place them at the disposal of relevant bodies.

Phone: 010 22 26 20