Creative Group


Under the leadership of Rector of the Public Administration Academy of RA Arsen Lokyan, the “Creative Group” consisting of 15 people was formed in the Academy. The goal of the group is to offer new, interesting ideas that will help improve the Academy’s activities, meet the vital needs of the future, draw views on the future of the Academy, as well as identify issues that the Academy needs to address. During the first meeting of the “Creative Group”, the members of the group made a number of suggestions, which are already being implemented.

We wish the group good luck and fruitful activity.




Creative thinking is a necessity in the sphere of administration   


Creativity is the imperative of time and is viewed as a mechanism of development, a motivation of the progress of the society. To understand what is creativity, is it possible to develop it, has everyone have creative thinking, the Creative Group of the Academy of Public Administration of RA held an interesting meeting with Sona Poghosyan  a lecturer at the Chair of Psychology Governance, Candidate of Psychological Science, and initiator of course ‘Creative administration’. With her assistance, members of the group tried to identify the types of creativity, its essence, development stages, criteria, and to identify six main factors contributing to the development of creativity: intellect, knowledge, thinking styles, personal traits, motivation, and external environment.

The lecture was followed by active discussions and exchange of views, while the expressed thoughts and observations highlighted the relevance of the topic. For example, “Man cannot realize his creative potential for two reasons: if he expresses these thoughts too early and if it does not explicitly discuss them.”

This meeting organized by the rector of the Public Administration Academy of RA, Arsen Lokyan, once again proved the importance of the Academy’s creative team.



The creative group has new ideas


The members of the Creative Group of Public Administration Academy of the RA met once again to exchange their interesting ideas. This time the newly appointed Vice-Rector for Scientific-Educational Work of the PAARA Gor Chatinyan joined them and made an interesting proposal. To make the Academy library more attractive to the students, he suggested creating a café-library. According to the vice-rector, the idea will come to an end when the library has more visitors.

To better address feedback with stakeholders, there was a proposal to reform the Academy’s website, to create an online platform that meets the latest requirements, where applicants can fill out their online application. It will less time from both applicants and the members of the entrance commission..

The members of the creative team are also going to take an active part in the events to be organized on the upcoming New Year.


The ideas of the creative group have become a reality


The Creative Group has been operating at the Public Administration Academy of RA for about a year under the leadership of Rector Arsen Lokyan. The goal of the group is to solve the problems facing the Academy through interesting ideas and to meet the modern requirements. Members of the group have made numerous proposals, some of which have already become reality.

On the initiative of the Creative Group, the Academy has been using electronic document circulation through a Microsoft Outlook program, acquired a musical instrument, a synthesizer, and run series of cultural events. The academy hosted composer, Komitas expert Artur Shahnazaryan and Komitas Vardapet. The students visited the Museum-Institute of Komitas, Matenadaran after Mesrop Mashtots, and in anticipation of the New Year holidays, festive events were organized in the Academy.

By the recommendation of the creative team, it was decided to create a mini-aid center in the Academy to provide first aid to the staff, as well as to resume foreign language courses. A number of other goals will also be implemented in 2016.


The crew visited the shooting range



On February 22, the creative team of the Public Administration Academy of RA headed by the rector of the Academy Arsen Lokyan visited the shooting range. Members of the group toured the training center, equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities for the educational process. The shooting range, auditoriums, shelter rooms, etc. were also well furnished.

The Academy delegation took advantage of the shooting range and recorded high results.