Club of Francophonie

Public Administration Academy of RA operates the La Francophonie Club



On October 12, French-speaking students of the Armenian State Governance Academy organized a viewing and discussion of Oliver Trier’s “L’accordeur” (“Pianist Tuner”) within the framework of the Francophonie Club.

This short film, shot in 2010, is about young Adrian who overthrew the piano competition in Bernstein, appears in a psychological difficult situation. The hero of the film decides to become a pianist tuner, and pretending as if he is blind, continues his work. In this way he has the opportunity to feel himself close to music. But one day he sees what he should not see, accidentally becomes a witness of the murder.

This short, 13-minute film is distinguished not only by its quality but also by the actors’ perfect acting and wonderful music. At the end of the debate, the students expressed their opinion on the message of the film, content and as well as the actors’ play.

The students were very excited about the event and the club’s activities aimed at spreading French culture and values ​​among the students of the Public Administration Academy of RA and making their daily lives more interesting.


Adam Andrewsky’s “Suitcase”


Another day with stormy emotions in the Francophonie atmosphere, at the Public Administration Academy of RA. This time the students enjoyed Adam Andrewsky’s “Suitcase”. In a deep subtext, first of all the film attracts with relevance of the subject. The hero, 21-year-old Gabriel, has decided to start a new life by giving up his thoughts for months. Here’s the fatal moment, and Gabriel fills up with courage and writes a farewell letter to his parents. He seeks his way to perfect life. Ironically, his path remains unfinished. What was the reason for this simple and at the same time extremely difficult situation, lack of courage, psychological barriers, fatal challenges, or, simply, lack of will? The conflicting opinions were followed by each other. Each expressed opinion gave rise to a new idea.

One thing is certain: the film has had a great impact on everyone and will always remain in their memory.