Chair of Administration

Vilen Khachatryan

Head of the Chair of Administration,

Candidate of Economic Sciences,  Associate Professor


 The history of formation of Public Administration Chair dates back to 2002, when the Chair of Public Administration was founded as a result of combining the two educational blocks (“Organization Basics of Public Administration” and “Economy Basics of Management”).  In 2006 it was re-organized into the Chair of Public Administration.

  The “Organization Basics of Public Administration” block has been supervised by

1996-1997- Edik Ordyan, Doctor of Economics

1997-2002- Davit Toumanyan, PhD in Economics

  From 1997 to 2002 the block of “Economy Basics of Management” was supervised by Roudik Haroyan, PhD in Economics.

 The Chair of Public Administration has been supervised by

2002-2006- Youri Souvaryan, Doctor in Economics

2006-2007- Kamo Hovhannisyan, associate professor, PhD in Economics

 2007 -2018 – Grisha Gspoyan, PhD in Geography

2018- up to present Vilen Khachatryan, candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor

 The Chair implements master’s programmes for “Public Administration” and “Public Finance Management” specializations.

 The priority of the Chair is to increase the chances of qualified education and promotion for the Masters’, PhD students and applicants, who desire to obtain high professional abilities and see their future career in management and public administration.

 Thanks to the Chair’s highly qualified faculty and sustainably updated list of subjects, the students not only gain actual theoretical knowledge and management skills, but also stabilize them with their research and management internships, which are implemented in public administration, legislative, judicial agencies and other organizations.

 Guided by the standards constituted by the government for higher education, the Chair continuously upgrades the course subjects, according them with the latest achievements of methods of the educational process and science in the given field.

  From the course list the postgraduates of “Public Administration” specialization give special importance to the “Theory of Public Administration”, “Philosophy of Administration”, “Theory of Administrative Decision- Making”, “The Public Service System in the Republic of Armenia”, “Anti-Crisis Management”, ”Strategic Management”, “Modern Issues of Local Authorities”, ”Staff Management”, “Stable Development of Human Society”, “Analysis of Public Policy”, “Innovation and Investment Management”, “Project Management” and other courses.

  The postgraduates of the “Management (Public Finance Management)” Chair give special significance to the “Macroeconomic Regulations”, ”Budget Planning”, “State Regulation of Financial Market”, “Management Analysis”, “Monetary and Lending Policy”, “ Expense-Result Analysis ”, “Management of  Treasury System”, “Banking Management ”, etc.

  During the educational years the Chair postgraduates gain knowledge also at the courses of law, political administration and political analysis, administration psychology, as well as at the courses implemented by the Chair of Languages and Information Technologies. The most important courses among them are “Rhetoric Art”, “Labour and Social Security Right”, “Business Right”, “Political Administration and PR”, “State and National Security”, “Administration Psychology”, “Public Policy Analysis”, “Administration Psychology”, “Professional Foreign Language”, “Computer Skill” courses and subjects.

 The Chair of Public Administration prepares qualified and professional specialists, who master  basic and pragmatic knowledge and research methods of public administration and public finance management, which permits to be more competitive  in the labour market and to be promoted in the public administration and public finance fields.

 Qualified professionals of the leading higher educational institutions of Armenia, as well as incumbent or former chief and senior officers who have years of experience in public administration, such as Khosrov Haroutunyan, Manvel Badalyan, PhD in economics, Pavel Safaryan, PhD in economics, Professor Ashot Markosyan, Doctor in economics, Grisha Gspoyan, PhD in geography, Ashot Zalinyan, PhD in economics, Karen Broutyan, PhD in economics,  Hamlet Matevosyan and others, are involved in the faculty of the Public Administration and Public Finance Chair.

 The Chair implements 31 courses, including 19 ones in the sphere of “Public Administration” specialization, and 24 courses in the “Management (Public Finance Management)” specialization. A number of the courses implemented by the Public Administration and Public Finance Chair are covered within the other Chairs as well. Thus, 4 of them are also covered by the postgraduates of the Chair of “Law”, the other 4 are covered by the postgraduates of the Chair of “Political Studies (Political Administration and Political Analysis)”, and one is covered by the postgraduates of the Chair of “Psychology (Administration Psychology)”.