Sona Poghosyan

Head of the Centеr of Quality Assurance

Purposes and problems of the centre

  • To raise awareness over quality issues;
  • To work out internal mechanisms and standards for assuring and evaluating education quality;
  • To secure the methodological base for improvements that are stipulated by Bologna reforms in the education system of PAARA;
  • To contribute to fulfilment of proceedings that are comparable and compatible with the proceeding of quality assurance of European higher education area;
  • To develop practical capacities of the professorial, technical and administrative staff permanently;
  • To secure the creation, completion and permanent improvement of investment of modern educational technologies, new methodology of education and evaluation, policy of assurance of education programs and qualification qualities, and related proceedings as well;
  • To secure the creation, completion and permanent improvement of clear, simple and transparent mechanisms  for regular review, monitoring and improvement of education programs and qualifications;
  • To secure the completion and permanent improvement of quality assurance system for the professorial staff;
  • To secure consultancy over improvement of education quality and standards, and discovery of model experience and its dissemination.

The mission of the Centre of Quality Assurance is to assure the permanent improvement of education quality at the Academy.

Phone: 010 27 75 15

E-mail: sona.poghosyan@paara.am