Centre for International Cooperation and Development

Head of  the Centre for International Cooperation and Development,

PHD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Liana Vardanyan

Centre functions

  • Shaping international relation of strategic significance and signing relevant cooperation agreements on the basis of the Strategic Plan of the Academy;
  • Undertaking and developing cooperation relations between the Academy and foreign universities, think-tanks, centres of commerce and industry, and other institutions;
  • Shaping and developing cooperation links between the Academy and various educational institutions, think-tanks, corporations, as well as different agencies of the public administration system of the Republic of Armenia;
  • Hosting foreign delegations and individuals from different sides of the world, as well as organizing visits of delegations and individuals presenting the Academy to foreign countries;
  • Providing information and consultation on various international programmes and professional career opportunities to the subdivisions of the Academy.


E-mail: liana.vardanyan@paara.am

Phone:  +37410 22-89-42